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Post Operative Therapy
I recently had foot surgery on my right big toe – recovery was going to be slow and painful – I had a boot on for weeks and could barely hobble around my house and office. I was nervous and skeptical about physical therapy because my past experience with a few different clinics in the area was underwhelming. After reading Jennifer’s website and the patient reviews, I scheduled an appointment…it turned out to be one of the best decisions regarding my health and recovery I could have made. We started off with very light therapy as my toe was tender and swollen – she focused on lymphatic draining to reduce the swelling and pain. Within days, I could see a tremendous difference. Both my pain level and recovery time has drastically decreased from what my Doctor told me to expect; I continue to see improvement each week. My recovery has accelerated beyond any of my expectations and I am confident it has all to do with Jennifer. Jen sees each patient one at a time, spends 100% of her focus and attention on them, and is extremely knowledgeable about the body. By far the most educated and thorough therapist I have ever met. I strongly recommend Jennifer to any and all physical therapy patients. I believe you will find her care to be one of the best health decisions you will make.
-Jordan, Albany, NY

Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis and Lymph Drainage of Leg
I discovered Jennifer at the recommendation of a practitioner of Myofascial release who was closing her practice. What a terrific recommendation! I originally came to Jennifer for chronic plantar fasciitis. Jennifer certainly had the skills to help address this and to teach me how to keep myself pain free.

A wonderful added outcome is that Jennifer helped me with lymphatic drainage. For as long as I can remember my right leg was larger than my left leg. I thought this was just the way I was built. Jennifer saw this as a lymphatic drainage issue and she performed manual lymph drainage on my leg. We saw immediate changes. I never expected such a dramatic change. Jennifer taught me how to do lymphatic drainage on myself. Between her work and my self treatment/”homework” we have continued to see improvement that has sustained itself in my right leg.

Manual Physical TherapyWhat I have enjoyed the most about working with Jennifer is that she empowers me by teaching me self care. What a relief to know that as my body ages, I don’t have to live with my aches, pains, or stiffness. She helps me with her hands and teaches me to help myself stay well.
- Andrea, Niskayuna NY

Tailbone Pain
My new job required me to sit for up to 10 hours a day, with only brief breaks. Prior to that, my activities had allowed for a lot of movement. Within weeks, my tailbone was killing me, and sitting for even brief periods was very painful. A friend highly recommend Jennifer, so I came to her for help. Within a few sessions I experienced significant relief. Her knowledge of how all systems in the body work together is amazing. I have been coming to her for “tune-ups” and massage ever since.
- Katherine, Menands, NY

Knee and Leg Pain
About 6 years ago I severed the patella tendon on my right knee. I had to have surgery and wear a cast for 7 weeks. Once the cast was removed, regaining strength and flexibility was my mission. After 8 weeks at an outpatient PT facility, I still had an awkward gait, which affected my hips, feet and posture. My activity level had diminished significantly. I struggled for several years with persistent discomfort and swelling in both knees.

Then I met Jennifer, and her total body treatment has changed my life! I not only have a better understanding why I still had pain (which is gone now), but I have been able to return to pilates and yoga. My balance had improved immensely as well. In general, I feel better than I have in many years thanks to Jen.
- Ryan, Schoharie, NY

Surgery and Benefits of MFR
I had an apron of skin left over from pregnancy and weight loss. I had elective surgery to remove it and I was left with a scar from hip to hip and scar tissue/adhesions that limited my activities. Also, my legs ached everyday. At our first session Jennifer questioned me about past surgeries. She immediately saw the connection between the tightness in my abdomen and the swelling and discomfort in my legs. She used Myofascial release to help the scar and adhesions become more mobile which improved my posture, helped the swelling in my legs and relieved the pain in my knees.

I am so happy to have found Jennifer and I continue to work with her once a month to keep my body healthy.
- Mary, Amsterdam, NY

Hip Pain
For years I was suffering with hip pain. After going to a physical therapist several times over 2 years. I was going 2 times per week for months at a time, I did all of the exercises that were suggested but I still had the pain. The PT had me do lots of exercises and would “check in on me” but she never actually treated me with their hands. I finally stopped going when it was so painful to walk to my car after the appointment. My hip pain affected how I walked, and this scared me because I had pain almost all of the time.

Then a friend recommend I try something different and I found Jennifer. She looked at my posture and treated me with hands on techniques. She found the source of my pain and I was back to normal. During the hour appointment she would only work on me, never leaving the room. I had her total undivided attention for the whole session. I always felt comfortable and she took the time to answer all my questions. That was over year ago and I haven’t had that pain since.

Jennifer has also helped with knee pain due to arthritis. My experience with Jennifer has been such a learning process. She taught me the correct exercises to do during therapy and self care techniques to do if I begin to notice any sign of discomfort.
- Maggie, Charlton, NY

Woman with Back PainLow Back Pain and Wellness
In my early forties, to my dismay, I hurt my back for the first time, and I couldn't walk up right for several days. I had always heard that once you hurt your back you always have back trouble. Well, not long after the first time, I hurt it again, and realized I needed to do something before it got worse. I started to see Jen, who narrowed in on the possible causes and recommended several stretching and strengthening exercises.

With her hands on work my pain decreased fast. Soon I needed to see Jen a lot less frequently with the goal of maintaining my back health and staying on top of any problems before they got bad. Two years later my back is in great shape - I walk miles every day and keep really active. Jen had suggested preventive exercises and occasional treatment and she is so right — prevention is the key!

Don’t wait to make an appointment until you have a big problem on your hands. I recommend her to my friends and family members. Many have come, and are so glad they did.
- Becky, Slingerlands, NY

Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain
I had been seeing Jennifer for my neck pain and numbness into my hands. This was a condition that my doctor had told me I would likely need surgery for since I had several disc bulges. I was finding a lot of relief in the numbness in my hands with Jennifer’s work and for the first time in a long time I could turn my head far enough to look behind me when backing my car up. Then, I hurt my shoulder when I fell on the ice and I talked to Jennifer about it. After a single treatment I was relieved of much of the pain and had a lot more motion.

With follow up visits I continued to progress and could see the difference with each treatment. The effect is immediate, I am in less pain and I can move better after my session. Jennifer’s treatment is unlike anything that I have previously experienced. I’ve done PT before, but never with the positive results that I’ve have with Jennifer. This is truly an alternative care option with exceptional results.
- Colleen, Albany, NY

I am a 61 year old male who continues to engage in the same physical activities of many decades ago including hockey, wilderness cross country skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, distance swimming, mountaineering, etc.). Occasionally, I get strains and injuries that don’t get resolved thru regular PT practice. To make things more complicated I have lingering issues of fibromyalgia, so that my muscles often don’t respond well to traditional treatment. I have gone to Jennifer in the past for low back issues and most recently I had the worst pain episode of my life after a herniated disk in my neck expanded into a severe upper back strain. I went to regular PT for this for a few weeks with little improvement. I switched to Jennifer and after 4 visits over a month the pain became minimal and the disk issue diminished considerably.

I thank Jennifer for helping me get over what was a daunting situation. 
- Bill, Delmar, NY

Neck and Throat Pain
I’ve had chronic neck pain and throat discomfort with dryness for the last 6 years. It was the main focus of my life. As a result I have had difficulty sleeping, swallowing, and just being comfortable. Jen has used a variety of different hands on techniques and she is always going to courses to learn new information to offer me more in treatment sessions. All of her work has helped reduce my pain and discomfort, and has allowed me to live and enjoy my life again.
- Gail, Rotterdam, NY

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