Bodywork for Wellness Bodywork For Wellness


   Looking for Pain Relief?
           Try something different. My services are  

  • One on one, hands-on, and individualized sessions
  • A full 60 minute hour
  • Developed with a holistic approach and based on client feedback
  • Performed in a peaceful environment
    to help recharge your battery
  • Including self/home techniques to facilitate healing and promote independence
  • NOT your typical no-pain, no gain philosophy
Bodywork For Wellness Shoulder Treatment
If you suffer from any of the following,
you may benefit from treatment:
Benefits of Treatment:

Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic or Acute Pain
Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis
Hip Pain
Jaw Pain (TMJ)
Leg Pain
Myofacial Pain
Neck Pain
Pregnancy aches and pains

Shoulder Pain/Frozen Shoulder
Tailbone pain/coccydynia
Women's health issues
- Bladder urgency
- Dysparenia
   (painful intercourse)
- Post-surgical pain
   (episiotomy, hysterectomy)
- Menstrual pain, endometriosis
Men's Pelvic Health

- Restored balance and alignment of the body
- Decreased pain
- Decreased muscle tension and stress
- Decreased inflammation and swelling
- Decreased injury recovery time
- Improved circulation and lymph flow to boost
    the immune system
- Increased range of motion, strength
   and flexibility
- Increased body awareness
- Increased mental clarity

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