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Jennifer CatinoAbout Jennifer Catino, MPT, LMT

Jennifer Catino (formerly Jennifer St. Denis) is a NYS licensed Physical and Massage Therapist. She earned her BS and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University in CT. She is also a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY. She has worked as a physical therapist since 2002 and has been practicing massage since 2004.

After working in the traditional medical model for many years and finding a lack of appreciation of the body as a whole, Jennifer knew she wanted to open a practice that allowed for the treatment of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, not just a few of the parts.

Jennifer opened her practice, Bodywork for Wellness, in 2007, with the intention of treating clients in a progressive holistic fashion to not only decrease their pain, but to bring wellness and balance to their bodies. She believes that restoring physical and mental well-being makes it easier for a patient's body to function normally and use its own recuperative powers more effectively.

Jennifer is a life-long learner and has taken extensive professional continuing education courses in manual physical therapy techniques with an emphasis on Myofascial Release as taught by John Barnes and emphasis in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT). OMT includes a system of techniques, using the hands to correct joint and tissue dysfunction. Jennifer is also one of a few therapists in the Capital District region who has received specific training in assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor.

When Jennifer is not working or taking classes, she enjoys spending time with her family, as well as being out in nature.

Continuing Education Courses

Nov. 4-6 Pottenger’s Visceral Neurology Applied to Treatment of Foregut, Midgut and Hindgut
Lino Cedros, ATC, Sacramento, CA
Oct. 21-23 An Integrated Manual Therapy Approach to the Celiac Ganglia to the Pelvic Ganglia
Lino Cedros, ATC, Sacramento , CA
Oct. 7-9 Assessment of the Walk Cycle and Lower Extremity for the Manual Therapist
Robert Cohen MA, PT and Jon Laking MA, PT, Baltimore,MD
June 11-12

Pediatric Myofasical Release
John Barnes PT, Troy, NY

May 13-15 EBP- Integrated Lower Extremity, Pelvis and Lumbar Spine
Lino Cedros, ATC, Sacramento, CA
Jan. 22-24 THE UNSTRETCHABLES: Plantar Fascia, Achilles, Hamstrings, Iliotibial Band, Iliopsoas, Latissimus Dorsi, Pectoralis Minor, Scalenes, Upper Trapezius, Suboccipitals
Lino Cedros, ATC, Sacramento , CA
Nov. 6-8 Manual Therapy Approach for the Cervical to T4 Ganglia
Lino Cedros, ATC, Sacramento,CA
Sept. 18-20 Comparison of Manual Therapy for Treatment of Face and Skull
Lino Cedros ATC, Sacramento, CA
Mar. 19-22 Trigeminal Nociceptive System & Its Impact on Cranial and Somatic Dysfunction
Lino Cedros, Sacramento, CA
Jan. 23-25

Orthopedic Problems in Clinical Practice
Lino Cedros, ATC Sacrametno, CA

Nov. 14-16

Manual Approaches for Sedentarty Lifestyle Implications for Disease and Dysfunction
 Lino Cedros, ATC, Sacramento, CA

Oct. 17-19 Embryology Concepts for Manual Practicioners
Lino Cedros, ATC Sacramento CA
Oct 10 The Elements of Structure: The Superficial Fascial Layer
Nick Pavoldi, LMT, Albany, NY                                    
Nov. 15-17 Evaluation and Manual Treatment of Dysfunction of the Reproductive Pelvis
Lino Cedros, ATC, Sacramento, CA
Nov. 1-3    Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques:  Below the Diaphragm
Ed Stiles, DO, FAAO, Hartford, NY
Aug. 23 Fascia Scar Tissue and Its Role in Recovery and Rehabilitation
Dale Perry LMT, Albany, NY
Jun. 21-23 Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques: Above the Diaphragm
Ed Stiles, DO, FAAO, HartfoCT.
Apr. 28 “Frozen” Shoulder; A Connective Tissue Perspective
Dale Perry LMT & Lou Alpy LMT, Albany, NY
Feb 8-10 

Evaluation and Manual Treatment of the Adult Patient with Multiple Systemic Dysfunctions
Lino Cedros, ACT, Sacramento, CA                       

Jan. 19    Holistic Fascial Integration: Level 1
Paul Jensen MS, LMT, Albany, NY (8)
Jan 6th    Pelvic Floor Pain and Menstrual Dysfunction; The Connective Tissue Approach
Dale Perry, LMT, Albany, NY (8)
Nov. 30-Dec. 2  The Role of the Vagus Nerve in Health and Disease
Lino Cedros ACT, Sacramento, CA
Nov. 2-4 Treatment Sequencing
Ed Stiles, DO FAAO, Hartford, CT
Oct . 19     Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Margery Chessare, LMT Greenfield Center, NY
Sept. 9 Body Mechanics
Dale Perry, LMT, Albany NY
June 23-25

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Ed Styles DO FAAC, Hartford, CT

May 18-20 Treating the 5 Diaphragms of the Body
Lino Cedros ATC, MT, Sacramento CA
Feb. 10-12    Intergrated Visceral Gastro-Intestinal
Lino Cedros ACT, MT Sacramento, CA
Mar. 16-18 Specific Treatment of Common Ailments Seen in Manual Practice
Lino Cedros ACT, MT, Sacramento,CA
Dec. 2-4 The Role of the Sympathetic Nervous System in Health & Disease
Lino Cedros ACT MT, Sacramento, CA
Oct. 21-23 Treating the Thoracic Cage
Lino Cedros ACT MT, Sacramento, CA
May 13-15 Understanding Mechanical Adaptions in Acute and Chronic Conditions
Lino Cedros ACT, MT, Sacramento, CA
Apr. 15-17   Introduction to Visceral Technique
Lino Cedros ACT MT, Sacramento, CA
Apr. 8-10 A Comprehensive Study of the Pelvis
Lorin Rex DO, Reno, NV
Mar. 18-20   Assessment of the Walk Cycle for Manual Therapists
Lino Cedros, Sacramento, CA
Feb. 11-13 Introduction to Chapmans Reflexes
Lino Cedros ACT MT, Sacramento, CA
Jan. 14-16 Treating the Pelvis, Sacrum, and Lumbar Spine
Lino Cedros ACT MT, Sacramento, CA
Nov. 12-14    Intermediate Pelvic Floor 2A-Colorectal and Coccyx Conditions, Male Pelvic Floor, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment
Pamela Downey MSPT DPT, Stacey Futterman, MPT Weehawken, NJ
Oct. 22-24 Female Pelvic Floor, Function, Dysfuntion and Treatment –PF1
Holly Herman DPT, Kathe Wallace PT, Peabody, MA
Aug. 27-29 Treating the Cervical Spine
Lino Cedros ACT MT, Sacramento, CA
Aug. 21-22 Manual Therapy of the Upper Extremity
Charles Thigpen PT PhD ACT, Albany, NY
May 6-9 Women’s Health Seminar: The Myofascial Release Approach
John Barnes PT, Bloomingdale, IL
May 3-5 Cervical- Thoracic Myofascial Release
John Barnes PT, Bloomingdale, IL
Apr. 10-11 Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits
Mitchell Scheiman, OD FCOVD, Schenectady, NY
Mar. 14 Myofasical Wellness Therapeutic Exercise Using Myofasical Principles,
Lisa Satalino, Albany, NY
Feb. 19-21 Treating Oncology Patients in a Manual Practice
Lino Cedros ATC, Sacramento, CA
Jan. 14-16 Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy
Margery Chessare LMT, Greenfield Center, NY
Oct. 20-25 Myofascial Release III
John Barnes PT, Sedona, AZ
Oct. 18-19 Subtle Energy Therapy: Level 1
Peggy Fuhs, RN Sedona, AZ
Oct. 9-11 Understanding Male and Female Pelvic Dysfunction
Lorin Rex, DO and Lino Cedros AT, Sacramento, CA
Sept 11-13 Advanced Unwinding
John Barnes PT, Bloomington MN
Aug. 22 Baby’s First Massage
Eileen Newsome LMT, Albany NY
Aug. 14-16 Mark Barnes Equine Myofasical Release 1
Tamara Rapier PT, Woodstock,CT
July 27-31 Skill Enhancement Seminar
John F. Barnes PT, Paoli, Pa
une 5-7 Fascial-Pelvis Myofascial Release
Joan Miller, PT, Schenectady, NY
May 2 An Introduction to Myofascial Rebounding
Lisa Satalino, PT, Albany, NY
Mar. 19-22 Lymph Drainage Therapy II
Molly Clark PT, LMT, LLCC, Hartford, CT
Mar. 13-15 The Body Mind Connection:  An Introduction to Myofascial Unwinding
Lisa Satalino PT, Albany, NY
Jan. 8-10 Clinical Analysis of 24 Adult Foot Types: A Comprehensive Approach to Determining Orthotic Intervention
Roberta Nole MA, PT, Cped Middlebury CT
Dec. /11-14/08  Women’s Health Seminar:  The Myofascial Release Approach
John Barnes PT, West Chester, PA
Oct. 14  The Power of Breath
Patricia Bowden-Luccardi, LMT, Albany, NY  
May 16-18   Manual Treatment for the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Ganglia
Lorin Rex DO, Farmington, CT
May 3       Craniosacral Therapy for Children
Dawn Osuch OTRL, Greenfield Center, NY
Apr. 18-20 Embryology for the Manual Practitioner
Lorin Rex, DO, Reno, NV
Feb. 28 - Mar. 2 Lymph Drainage Therapy 1
Colleen Martens Endrizzi, MS SLP, LLCC Albany, NY
Oct. 12-14 Eval & Tx of Pituitary Thyroid Adrenal Axis
Lorin Rex, DO Edmonds, WA
Sept. 28-30 Fascial-Pelvis Myofascial Release
Scott van Niekerk PT, Rochester, NY
Sept. 14-16   Myofascial Rebounding
John Barnes PT, Cape Cod, MA
Sept. 10-13 Cervical- Thoracic Myofascial Release
John Barnes PT, Cape Cod, MA
Aug. 10-12     Evaluation and Treatment Thoracic Cage
Lorin Rex, DO, Edmonds, WA
May. 18-20   Treating the Diaphragm, Scapula and Foot
Lorin Rex, DO, Farmington CT
Mar. 24-25 Bindegwebsmassage
Dale Perry, LMT, Albany, NY
Feb. 9-11 “3-in-1” Treating Disorders of the Hyoid, Thyroid, and Coccyx
Lorin Rex, DO, Edmonds, WA
Aug. 13-16     Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1
Barbara LeVan, PT, Albany, NY
June 9-11 Differential Diagnosis
Lorin Rex, DO Edmonds, WA
Mar. 31-Apr. 2 The Fascial Cranium and Thorax
Lisa Satalino, PT, Albany, NY
Mar. 10-12 Adaptation of the Body to Internal and External Injury
Lorin Rex, DO, and Leno Cedros, AT, Edmonds, WA
Feb. 24-26  Intro to Myofascial Release
Lisa Satalino, PT, Albany, NY
Jan. 27-29  A Symposium on the Fascial Pelvis
Lisa Satalino, PT, Albany, NY
Oct. 21-23 Cranial Mobilization
Lorin Rex, DO, Seattle WA
Feb. 10-20 Myofascial Release I, II and Unwinding
John Barns, PT, Sedonna, AZ
June 27 Reiki II
D. Bramski RMT & D. Garzia RMT, St. Mary’s Hospital, Troy, NY
Apr. 3    Reiki I
D. Bramski RMT & D. Garzia RMT, St. Mary’s Hospital, Troy, NY
Mar. 29-30 Kinesio-Taping Seminar KT1 & KT2
Ruth Coopee, OT, OTR/CHT, Sunnyview Rehabilitation
Hospital, Schenectady, NY
Sept. 21     Evidence Based Intervention in Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease, and Sensory
Integration: Function, Dysfunction, and Strategies to Solve Problems
Abilities Expo, Boston, MA
Sept. 17    Arthroscopic Treatment of Athletic Shoulder Injuries
Shankar Das, MD, Albany, NY
Aug. 28   Treatment of Individuals with Neurological Dysfunction:  From Assessment to Goal Formation
J.J. Mowder-Tinney, PT, Albany, NY
July 13 Feldenkrais:  Awareness Through Movement
Carol Kress, New York, NY
Apr. 20 Structural Release Medical Deep Tissue I, Dr. James Macie DC, LMT, Guilderland, NY
Oct. 5 Understanding and Managing Unwanted Behavior Following Brain Injury
Brent Hughey PhD, Drake Center Inc., Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 24 Aquatic Therapy for the Physical Therapy Assistant
Karen Dake PT, Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, Schenectady, NY

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